Benefits of joining the Rare Earth Outreach Team

*excludes The Shooting Range entry fees; some volunteer positions are prohibited from participating in all The Shooting Range events.

**Board Directors are not eligible for Community Awards


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Board Positions

Directors and Members at Large

Rare Earth Outreach bylaws require the Board carry a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 Class A (voting) Directors. These positions include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Nominee Director. Additionally, the Board may, from time to time, appoint Class B (non-voting) Members-at-Large for specific initiatives or projects.

The Board is currently accepting nominations and applications for the Treasurer position. While this position requires a specific skillset, training and mentorship can be provided for candidates who demonstrate they are passionate and committed to adding their voice to the Board in order to advance the Foundation's Mission, Mandate, and Vision.

Those applying or being nominated will undergo an interview process by the current Board and must (at their own expense):

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Presenters and Outreach Facilitator Positions

Volunteer and Paid

A variety of Paid and Volunteer positions are available throughout the year. Opportunities are posted on this page on an as-needed basis. In addition to passing the interview process and depending on the role they are applying for (Internship, Junior/Senior High School Work Experience, Ambassador, Camp Counsellor, etc.) successful applicants must:

Current and Upcoming Positions

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Volunteer and Paid

Ambassadors are spokespersons and community representatives for Rare Earth Outreach. They work closely with the Vice Chair and Nominee Director to ensure that content is posted on various social media platforms ie) shared in relevant online forums and groups, reaching out to partner organisations to build relationships, assist with online and in-person events, attend trade fairs and conferences, and more. Individuals applying to be Ambassadors are passionate EDI advocates, understand deadlines, follow instructions carefully, and work well independently.

By year three we hope to have funding in place for short-term paid Ambassador  opportunities; priority for paid positions will be given to individuals who have volunteer experience.

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High School Work Experience

For Credit

High school students interested in a unique volunteer experience tailored to their interests can sign up with Rare Earth Outreach to perform a variety of tasks including assisting with events like spring camps and EDI courses, performing office and bookkeeping duties, assisting with development of statistical tools, creating fun content (videos, graphic design, photos, music etc.) for social media, and more. Connect us with your school counsellor and let's design an experience so awesome it won't even feel like work. (Note: High school students are provided with an excluded Membership for the duration of their work experience.)

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Spring/Summer Camps

Counsellors (paid) and CITs (volunteer)

Individuals aged 18 and over interested in applying for a paid position delivering Rare Earth Outreach's fun community youth camp programs should sign up to become a Counsellor-in-Training. Individuals completing the Rare Earth CIT Program will be given training, resources, and marketing support to establish paid camp delivery programs in their own communities when our Spring and Summer Camp program expands. In Year One, spring and summer day camps will be offered exclusively in Alberta; CIT billets from other provinces are responsible for their own cost of travel and will be paired with host families who will provide Room and Board. Complete details will be available in Winter 2022.