Summit 2023 Program

(presenters/topics subject to change without notice)

Friday, February 3, 2023

Dinner and Table Talk (6pm - 8pm)

A series of provocative questions guaranteed to spark a lively dinner conversation (Please note: in subsequent years Friday's Dinner will be a formal event during which Awards and Scholarships are presented.)

Icebreaker: Who Am I? (8pm)

A fun, interactive identification game with a few plot twists...

Fireside Chat: On Being Métis (9pm - 10pm)

An interview with Jody Cloutier about his experiences and challenges learning about, embracing, and celebrating his Métis heritage followed by a Q&A session

Stargazing and Aurora Walk (weather- and aurora-dependant) (when/if the skies are clear!)

Bring a camera or just join us for a walk under the OG big top for nature's greatest light show

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Morning Musings - Words Matter (8am - 9am)

An exploration of historical and current "politically correct" terminology. How did we get from "dunce" to "developmentally delayed"? Is using the word "crippling" as an adjective to describe your anxiety "ableist"? Who can use the "n" word, when, and in what context? Something as simple as asking for a BIPOC model using the wrong words can lead to misunderstandings, heated arguments, and damaged reputations. The evolution of politically correct and culturally sensitive terminology is a perpetually moving target, though - what's acceptable one day may be deemed offensive the next - so we are going to take a closer look at ways creative professionals can avoid unintentionally offending or alienating their audience.

Embracing Empathy: Storytelling with your heart as well as your art (11am - 12pm)

Whether you're a designer, photographer/videographer, HMUA, or someone who spends their day working around creative professionals, it's likely that your voice goes unheard from time to time. If things end up going terribly sideways, you end up compromising your integrity and not even recognising yourself in the work you've produced. During this hands-on workshop, we are going to unpack the creative process, identify the "red flags" you should be paying attention to, and learn some hacks for keeping your backbone strong.

Field Trip (1pm - 3pm)

Weather permitting, we will have a guided tour of a nearby scenic and haunting historical site where an important battle was fought in 1885. Those not wanting to join are welcome to participate in Show & Share.

Show & Share (1pm - 3pm)

On site for the weekend is a seasoned model equipped with an impressive collection of costumes who is up for (almost) anything! Whether you consider yourself a master of contouring and highlights, the demon god of controlled lighting, or you recently learned a cool "thing" on the internet you've been dying to show off, this is your opportunity to become the teacher and pass on your best tips, tricks, and hacks.

You've Got the Power: Enhancing the Message in Your Medium. (4pm - 6pm)

No one in their right mind would build a new house on top of a crumbled foundation. Repairing the electrical system, air conditioning, and slipping transmission in a car with a rusted frame. And running a fog machine so you can't see the holes in your boat won't make it possible for you to paddle it across the lake. This eye-opening conversation will give you a new way of looking at the power you have as a creative professional to spark conversations and inspire change using your craft.

Dinner and Table Talk (6pm - 8pm)

Deeper questions to inspire a deep conversation over dinner

Fireside Chat: Is Sex Work... Work? (9pm - 10pm)

An interview with model and guest Sweetie Blue Cosplay about her experiences and challenges modelling, running an OnlyFans Page, performing burlesque, and more, followed by a Q&A session

Stargazing and Aurora Walk (weather- and aurora-dependant) (when/if the skies are clear!)

Bring a camera or just join us for a walk under the OG big top for nature's greatest light show

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Morning Musings: A Stern Talk with Myself

The unrealistic expectations we often put on ourselves is a gateway to always feeling like we are "not enough." This guided musing will give you some practical tools for flipping the script and showing yourself the compassion you need to lift your own spirits and get your head back in the game.

Optional Field Trip (location TBC)

For those not in a hurry to return home, a location will be selected for either a themed shoot, a hike, a site visit, or even just an extended lunch.