About Us

Photo Cred: Gidon Wessner via Unsplash

Who we are

Rare Earth Outreach is a collective of individuals across Canada who have a desire to spark conversation, build relationships, and inspire action towards improving Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) within the Photographic Arts Community.

Who you are

The Photographic Arts Community in includes but is not limited to professional, amateur, and strictly-for-fun photographers/videographers, models, fashion designers, hair and make-up artists, studio owners (private/shared or public/rental), graphic designers, printers, technology and software companies, content creators, photographic and media arts educators, and other professional and not-for-profit photography organisations.

What we do

Rare Earth Outreach provides practical, affordable, accessible tools and opportunities for businesses, groups, individuals, and institutions to improve EDI through education (training, workshops, and classes), awareness (events such as competitions, retreats, and panel discussions), and intervention (school and camp programs for youth, recycling usable technology, and providing Awards and Scholarships).

The Origins of Rare Earth Outreach's Name

Rare earth elements (REEs) are "rare" not because they are rare to find. In fact, they are very common, and exist in high concentrations in mineral deposits around the globe. What's rare about REEs is the unique properties they possess. Like the vision for the Foundation, REEs can be magnetic (they attract and bring things together), catalytic (they're good for getting things started), conductive (they transmit warmth and energy) and luminescent (they convert energy into light.)

It was these qualities of REEs that inspired the Foundation to adopt Rare Earth as its moniker, and (respectfully) there will be no apologies for any cheesy references on the website, in marketing materials, or during interactions with the Photographic Arts community.