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Awards and Scholarships

Photo Cred: Ricardo Annandale via Unsplash

Rare Earth Community Award (up to $1000*)

This prize is awarded by the Foundation to an individual or company within the Photographic Arts Community whose work exemplifies excellence in their field of expertise while demonstrating a strong commitment to fostering community relationships through supporting, promoting, collaborating with, and paying fair value for the services of colleagues within the Photographic Arts Community. Applicants must provide proof of operating a licensed business in their municipality during the current award cycle and be able to demonstrate their community contributions through letters of support and a portfolio submission. Complete details will be posted when applications open in Summer 2023.

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Rare Earth Outreach Volunteer Award (up to $1000*)

This prize is awarded by the Board of Directors to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional and exemplary dedication to the promotion of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity within the Photographic Arts Community through volunteerism, activism, and/or mentorship. The winner of this award is an individual whose participation in and contribution to Rare Earth Outreach events and activities has positively impacted participants with meaningful insight and knowledge through their sharing, expertise, guidance, leadership, mentorship, and/or support. Eligible nominees are individuals who have participated in a Rare Earth Outreach event or campaign as a volunteer during the current award cycle and who have consented to being nominated. Nominations must come from a Member or from an individual who has participated in a Rare Earth Outreach event and nominees must submit a short essay to be considered. Complete details will be posted when nominations are opened in Summer 2023.

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Aubrey Balisky Memorial Scholarship (up $2000*)

Aubrey Balisky, a passionate writer with a deep commitment to family and community who was just uncovering her passion and talent for photography, entered to be a competitor on Season One of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge in November of 2019. On January 1, 2021 - the same day Aubrey was notified that her portfolio had qualified her as a Challenger - she, her husband, and two of their five children were unexpectedly killed in a tragic helicopter crash. In honour of her desire to embrace challenges and push herself, the Aubrey Balisky Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an individual who embodies Aubrey's talent, spirit, drive, passion, and commitment to family and community. Applicants for this Scholarship have been accepted to or are in their first year of a two- to four-year program at a recognised post-secondary institution. The winning applicant does not need to be enrolled in a photographic arts program, however, their portfolio submission must demonstrate a high level of skill and/or raw talent and their essay must outline their passion for photographic arts. Complete details on how to apply will be posted when applications are opened in Summer 2023.

*Funds earmarked for the Awards and Scholarships Program are raised through a combination of private cash donations and entries submitted to The Shooting Range: A Monthly Challenge, and the value of the scholarships are therefore dependent on the number of entries and donations received.

The Fine Print

  1. The Rare Earth Photographic Arts Outreach Foundation currently plans to provide two Awards and one Scholarship each year; current target amounts reflect Year One goals and are subject to change without notice.

  2. Individuals wishing to be considered for these awards should ensure their model releases and/or contracts permit them the ability to use images for awards applications, including publication on this website and on our social media platforms.

  3. Nominations and applications are open for the months of July and August for adjudication and verification during September and October of each year.

  4. Awards and Scholarships are announced in November during Rare Earth Outreach's Annual Summit and paid out within 30 days of the official winner announcement.

  5. Applicants and/or nominees may be nominates for more than one prize but will only be awarded one prize per year.

  6. Applicants and/or nominees cannot receive the same award more than once.