Classes for Creative Professionals

Rare Earth Outreach is in the process of creating learning opportunities and curating a list of EDI-savvy educators who teach practical and interpersonal skills. Watch this page to sign up for an online or in-person Rare Earth EDI Booster and a curated list of recommended classes. Please subscribe to the Newsletter to be the first to find out when these classes are scheduled!

Navigating Modern Conundrums

Lighting, Posing, and Post-Processing EDI Booster

Have you ever read the children's book Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch? If you haven't, the plot involves a young girl who wreaks havoc after getting her hands on a series of markers that make things appear better than real life.

Photographers, videographers, and retouchers have an entire armoury of tricks they can use to light, pose, and post-process their clients to appear better than real life. They use any- and everything from cue cards, psychology, technology, props, costumes, composition, trick lenses, and software to create imagery that appears better than real life.

But is this what every client expects or even wants?

This class will dispel some common myths about client expectations while providing you with several practical tips to ensure you are able to put the wishes and needs of your clients above both your personal assumptions and your branding.

EDI Booster for HMUAs

Whether being an HMUA is your profession or your passion, along with the skills to provide services to a broad range of clientele you need the right tools to connect and communicate with your clients in a culturally sensitive, respectful, empathetic way to avoid offensive, awkward, regrettable situations.

This class, developed in consultation with and presented by in-demand hair and make-up artists, are part aesthetic, part genetic, and part comedic. Aspiring and established HMUAs will get an EDI boost by learning how to provide something better than frantic last-minute YouTube Tutorials for tackling difficult or unforeseen skin, hair, and make-up "situations." A long list of do's and don'ts served with a healthy side of touching, true, and tragic tales from the trenches makes this class is the perfect complement to your skills whether you're a beauty school drop-out or graduate.

EDI Marketing Booster

It's often said that the best and simplest way to break into a specific market sector is to put the call out for a styled collaboration. Whether the call is put out by a producer, designer, event planner, photographer/videographer, HMUA, or model, it usually includes explicit details about about the size, weight, height, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. of the desired creative professionals.

In most cases, there is no hidden agenda or malicious intent, but how one navigates the murky waters of creating their brand or diversifying their portfolio can come at the expense of unintentionally offending, tokenising, or alienating members of marginalised or excluded populations. The EDI Marketing Booster provides participants with tools and resources for building authentic relationships and breaking into new markets organically and respectfully.