Photo Cred: Estee Janssens via Unsplash

The Five Year Plan

Rare Earth Photographic Outreach began with

a) a very clear idea of what the organisation has set out to accomplish;

b) enough humility to understand that direction the organisation needs to head must be informed by the needs of the individuals and communities it serves; and

c) the awareness that success ultimately means working towards the dissolution of the organisation because the problems it set out to resolve in the first place no longer exist.

As a newly-established not-for-profit organisation, Rare Earth Photographic Arts Outreach Foundation has defined broad, flexible goals for its one- and two-year development and growth plans, with the hopes that by year five the Foundation is well on the way to working itself out of existence.

The Foundation wishes to acknowledge and thank our supporters for the successes, mishaps, and learning opportunities on the horizon.

If you are interested in getting involved with Rare Earth Outreach please review our available positions and apply today!


May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023

Rather than coming out foaming at the mouth and claiming we're already experts, Rare Earth Outreach's Board plans to take the time needed in Year One to fully explore, consult, experiment, and refine its initiatives in order to establish how to best achieve the important part of its name: Outreach. As our first year unfolds, the Board has set a number of goals that will position the Foundation firmly on its path to serving the community it exists within.

Priority Objectives for Year One include:

  • piloting and evaluating proposed campaigns, workshops, and events;

  • meeting fundraising and sponsorship goals;

  • monitoring outcomes and refining initiatives in response to community needs;

  • engaging with agencies and community leaders;

  • laying the groundwork for program delivery scheduled to start in Year Two and beyond.

The Foundation intends to deepen existing and establish vital new partnerships with individuals and industry professionals and seek support from local and national Canadian businesses to secure crucial resources where the Photographic Arts and EDI Communities intersect.

Rare Earth is a Registered Canada-wide Charitable organisation. As such, the Foundation will be engaging with individuals and companies from across Canada but the bulk of activity in Year One will be based in and/or delivered from the Foundation's home province of Alberta.


May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024

By the time Rare Earth Outreach has a full year of operations under its belt, the Foundation will be in a position to begin expanding and customising programs for delivery in provinces other than Alberta. With several of its workshops and programs fully developed and evaluated, the Foundation will begin actively seeking and training individuals interested in becoming program facilitators and educators in other provinces.

Priority Objectives for Year Two include community consultation with locals to adapt programs that address cultural and demographic needs specific to municipalities and regions across Canada where Rare Earth Outreach events, programs, courses, and workshops will be delivered. Continued evaluation of the efficacy and relevance of the Foundation's programming will ensure that its stated Mission, Mandate, and Vision objectives are being met. And finally, Year Two will see the Foundation hand out its first Awards and Scholarships at the Annual Summit in November 2023.


May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2027

Years Three to Five will see a network of passionate Rare Earth Foundation community implementing, assisting with and/or delivering Outreach programming to primary, secondary, and post-secondary students, hosting Spring/Summer camps, delivering workshops, planning and hosting local events, and securing support for and involvement with Rare Earth Outreach initiatives across Canada. At this point, Rare Earth Outreach will evaluate and recommit to its Mission, Mandate, and Vision so that there is a solid framework in place to envision a 10-year plan.

YEAR FIVE ~to infinity and beyond~

May 2028 through...?

Rare Earth Outreach is humble enough to know that whatever its Mission, Mandate, and Vision might look like 10 years from now is currently unforeseeable. Of course the noble dream is to eradicate barriers and dismantle systemic ~isms so that the Foundation no longer needs to continue problem solving, but whatever successes and failures in coming years will dictate the way the organisation adapts to social and political change, manages advances in technology, and responds to events (like another global pandemic) that cannot be accurately predicted.

We invite you to be part of the Foundation's growth and evolution - inquire today on how you can get involved!