The Shooting Range Photography Competitions

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge - Regular Season (annually, January - March)

Photo Cred: Adam Hamel via Unsplash

Rare Earth Outreach's flagship eventThe Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge is a fast-paced elimination-style virtual competition that runs from January through March of each year*. Details including Judge, Prizes, and Entry Requirements are released in September, portfolio submissions are accepted starting October 1, and close on October 31, Challengers are selected and announce by November 30th, and the first Challenge drops in January

This 10-week virtual photography competition gives Challengers the unique experience of connecting with fellow shutterbugs from across the nation while receiving mentorship from some of Canada's most respected, admired, and beloved photographers and community leaders.

The winners of Seasons One and Two took home a combined total of almost $10,000 in cash and swag!

*Please note: Season Three of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge and the Monthly 50/50 Challenges have been postponed to allow Rare Earth time to focus on its other priorities. But don't worry - we will be back with fun weekly and monthly mini-Challenges for free in the near future! Keep scrolling to learn more!

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge - Monthly 50/50 Competition (suspended)

Photo Cred: Monica Sauro via Unsplash

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge created a series of monthly Match Briefs intended to push its challengers creatively, technically, socially, and any combination of the aforementioned! Each month we had a Guest Judge who chose one winner and two runners-up. Runners-up received detailed feedback on their image while the winners received feedback, a feature article on the blog, and 50% of entry fees paid collected for that month. Initial plans to create a calendar with the winning images was tabled due to a lack of funding but we hope to revisit this initiative once we have a volunteer able to drive the social media train. Interested in volunteering? Fill out an application form and let's get you on board!

The Shooting Range: Off Target... (returning in fall 2024...)

Photo Cred: Unknown via Unsplash

The Shooting Range was posting a variety of strictly-for-fun ways to engage with the community including Weird and Random Wednesdays, Follow Train Fridays, and Shout Out Saturdays. We just need someone savy with social media to help us drive it!

The Shooting Range: Free Target Practice (ongoing)

Photo Cred: Unknown via Unsplash

The Shooting Range hosts an informal, fun, and FREE "Cover Photo Challenge." Anyone is welcome to enter, and the winning image is featured on Social Media with links to the winner's website and social media (or nothing, if that's your preference) for the specified duration of the Challenge! This runs each week during its regular season (January through March) and once we have found our social media guru we hope to resume the monthly cover photo challenge.