photo of hand holding camera

Photo Cred: Gidon Wessner via Unsplash


To promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity via education, mentorship, allyship, and financial support of and for individuals directly and indirectly engaged in the Photographic Arts community in Canada.


Rare Earth Photographic Arts Outreach Foundation’s primary focus is on outreach and education in the context of promoting EDI in the Photographic Arts community. The Foundation’s goal is to use photography as a vehicle for promoting industry excellence through workshops, courses, competitions, outreach activities, and events that highlight, explore, and offer solutions for important social issues including but not limited to gender politics, racism, Truth and Reconciliation, environmental issues, systemic bias, and more.


As more and more businesses and industries become aware of what is often unintentional bias built into the products and services they provide, the ultimate vision for Rare Earth Outreach is to eventually dissolve itself because it has become irrelevant. While this may seem like an odd "Vision Statement" the reality is, Rare Earth Outreach would celebrate dissolution the same way organisations seeking water and habitat preservation for wildlife, charities funding research to cure disease, and foundations that exist for the purpose of filling a void would become irrelevant when the "problem" they seek to solve has been solved. In the case of Rare Earth Outreach, the "problem" to be solved is the gap between awareness of and sensitivity to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity within the Photographic Arts Community. By providing safe and supportive programs that build a network of like-minded individuals possessing the skills and knowledge to bridge these gaps, Rare Earth Outreach ultimately aims to quite literally work itself out of existence.