Whether you're looking for the confidence to join, the inspiration to start, or the knowledge base to lead conversations about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity with your colleagues and peers, we offer a range of online and in-person learning opportunities.

Webinars, Workshops, Courses, and Retreats

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FREE EDI Lunch & Learn

Sign up to join Hope Walls (and Special Guests) for a monthly Lunch & Learn on various EDI topics on the third Friday of each month.

November's Lunch & Learn will be the first in a series of Uncomfortable Conversations and will take place on November 18, 2022 at noon MST via Zoom. The topic will be "Unconscious Bias: Invisible Disabilities." We invite you to visit the blog for more information on this Lunch & Learn topic. You must register for this series.

Virtual: FREE | In-Person: NA

Photo Cred: David Iskander via Unsplash

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EDI Introduction Webinar

This two-hour introductory webinar is currently offered online (synchronous) only. The EDI Introduction walks participants through essential EDI vocabulary and illustrates basic EDI concepts that impact the Photographic Arts Community in Canada.

During this two-hour introductory seminar, attendees will:

  • Get a brief overview of EDI issues currently affecting Canadians;

  • Gain an understanding of basic EDI vocabulary, concepts, and principles;

  • Learn about the significance and importance of making personal (instead of using canned) EDI Statements and Land Acknowledgements;

  • Be inspired to become an EDI enthusiast!


This webinar is a prerequisite for most workshops and courses. It is designed to introduce the basics, cover the essentials, and get you viewing the world through an EDI lens. The Webinar is included FREE with a Membership, and signing up for the EDI Introduction Webinar may qualify you for discounts on select Rare Earth Outreach events, programs, and services. There are no prerequisites for the Webinar, it's free for repeat offenders, and groups of 10 or more people receive a 10% discount; groups cannot exceed 20 attendees per session. Some conditions apply.

Virtual: $20 | In-Person: NA

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EDI Integration Workshop

Building on basics learned in the EDI Introduction, the half-day EDI Integration workshop is available in-person or online, and will take participants beyond the basics of EDI concepts to learning how EDI directly and indirectly impacts the Photographic Arts Community today.

During this half-day workshop, attendees will:

  • Participate in activities that deepen their knowledge of historic and current EDI issues facing Canadians;

  • Be given tools to creatively inject EDI into day-to-day business and life;

  • Receive guided instruction on how to create authentic EDI Statements and Land Acknowledgements for either personal and business use; and

  • Be an inspired EDI enthusiast!


Our half-day workshop is less intensive than the Full Course but moves beyond the Webinar basics and into practical applications of EDI concepts. The EDI Introduction is a prerequisite for this Workshop. Groups of 10 or more people receive a 10% discount; groups cannot exceed 20 attendees per Workshop. Some conditions apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who plan to take or have already taken the Why do I need EDI?™ Full Course should not sign up for this workshop.

Virtual $75 | In-Person: NA

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EDI Intensive Short Course (with Optional Certificate)

This intensive full-day course is the most comprehensive class Rare Earth Outreach has to offer. Over the course of this full-day Professional Development workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn about historic and current systemic "~isms" that exist in Canada, how to respectfully confront them, and what all of us can do to challenge and dismantle harmful systems;

  • Discover what unconscious, implicit, and systemic bias are, learn why and how individuals and organisations carry or display bias, and be given tools to start unpacking and confronting bias in your own personal and professional life;

  • Be guided through the process of crafting a sincere and heartfelt Land Acknowledgement and EDI Statement for personal and/or professional use;

  • Receive assistance critiquing your own portfolio, services, website, and social media presence to identify gaps and blocks by applying an EDI lens;

  • Be given some tools to help map out ways of implementing and tracking the progress and success of EDI practices; and

  • Become an enthusiastic role model, advocate, and inspiration to others in the Photographic Arts Community!


The EDI Introduction is a prerequisite for this 8-hour course, which is delivered either as two half-day synchronous online classes or one full-day in-person class and comes with the option of receiving a Certificate. Groups of 10 or more people receive a 10% discount; groups cannot exceed 20 attendees per session. Individuals who have previously taken the Workshop qualify for a $50 credit towards this course. Some conditions apply.

Virtual $175 | In-person $250

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EDI Immersion Retreat or PD Days (with Optional Certificate)

The two-day Immersion course is best delivered as a weekend retreat (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) but may also be presented over two consecutive weekdays. The Immersion experience is customised to the location where the retreat or course is held to include local history, culture, and community. In addition to EDI instruction and information, Immersion experiences may include any- and everything from visits from community leaders, instruction in a unique craft or skill, guided land-based nature walks or hikes, themed photo shoots with models, and more.


The EDI Introduction may be a prerequisite, and is dependant on the theme of the Immersion experience. Immersion is delivered in-person only. Minimum group size is 10; groups cannot exceed 20 attendees. Prices below are estimated and may change with the location.

PD Days | Retreat: Contact us for a Quote

Certificates and eBadges


Companies and individuals wishing to receive a Certificate after completing the EDI Immersion course can apply to complete a brief examination and submit to a review of their EDI Statement and Land Acknowledgement. Successful candidates will receive a Certificate confirming that they have understood and embraced applying an EDI lens. If the exam portion is failed or there are substantial revisions needed to the EDI Statement and Land Acknowledgement, applicants may retake the exam and/or submit up to twice; some conditions may apply.

First Exam: Members FREE | Non-Members $75 | Provisional Members $50

Re-Submission: $25


Companies and individuals may wish to submit their website for review in order to receive an eBadge. The eBadge contains a unique QR code issued by Rare Earth Outreach that certifies their website has been reviewed and revised to meet or exceed Rare Earth Outreach's recommended EDI measures. The review and revision process may take several weeks. Please note that eBadges must be renewed annually and/or when significant changes are made to your website such as rebranding or moving to a new platform.

First Review: Members $200 | Non-Members $250 | Provisional Members $225

Renewal/Revision: Members $25 | Non-Members $75 | Provisional Members $50